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Holiday Poisons to Avoid for Pets

Holiday Poisons to Avoid for Pets
The holidays are exciting. It is a time to spend with loved ones and enjoy some great feasts. However, you want to make sure any furry friends you have running around do not get into anything they should avoid. There is a lot more than chocolate you need to keep away from your dog or cat.
Tinsel can be wrapped around the Christmas tree to make it look gorgeous. While beautiful, you want to keep it out of reach of any dogs or cats. If ingested, it can really mess up a pet’s digestive system.
Fatty Meats
It can be tempting to throw your pet some table scraps. A little bit of chicken or turkey can be OK, but you want to make sure the pieces are not filled with fat. Too much fat can really damage an animal’s pancreas.
Do not leave any glasses filled with alcohol out for animals to get into. Alcohol can be deadly if consumed by cats and dogs. Even a small amount can result in severe health issues.
You also want to make sure your animal does not eat any grapes, candies or raisins. In the event your pet eats something it should not have consumed, you need to take it to a veterinarian immediately. Find an animal hospital by calling Hirsch Animal Hospital at 904-285-0023.