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Reasons to Consider Electrosurgery for Pets

Your pet is your best friend, and you want your pet to have access to the most advanced treatment options when surgery is necessary. Whether Fido is going in for a standard procedure, such as neutering or for something more serious, electrosurgery is often the veterinarian’s preferred state-of-the-art treatment method. During electrosurgery, the vet uses a precise, high-frequency current to remove or destroy problematic tissue. Here are a few reasons why vets choose electrosurgery.
1. Increased Hemorrhage Control
ESUs generate a lot of heat, which controls hemorrhages with cauterization. Electrocautery helps to stop excessive bleeding at the surgery site, making the operation much safer for your pet. The vet also can use electrocautery to destroy tumors.
2. Increased Precision
Another benefit of electrosurgery is increased precision. The electroscalpel delivers far greater accuracy than the conventional blade—one more reason why electrosurgery is a safe bet.
3. Decreased Recovery Time
Because of benefits such as decreased blood loss and increased cutting precision, electrosurgical techniques reduce the likelihood of complications during surgery and maximize the chances of a positive outcome. Thus, your pet is likely to enjoy a faster recovery post-operation when your vet uses electrosurgery.
These benefits are just a sampling of the positive aspects of electrosurgery. The bottom line is this: electrosurgical techniques deliver far better results than the conventional scalpel. If you’re considering electrosurgery for your pet, call Hirsch Animal Hospital at 904-285-0023.