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Tips for Keeping Your Indoor cat Active

Indoor cats may be some of the laziest animals around, but it may not be their fault. Cats require stimulation to get them moving, and pet owners can offer activities to keep them healthy while encouraging positive behavior. If you need some ideas to make your kitty more active, here are four tips to help you.
  • Playtime - It seems obvious, but playing with your indoor cat can be the best way to bond with them. You can use anything from store-bought toys to safe items around the house.
  • Party of one - Even if you are busy, you can keep your indoor cat active by providing toys to bat around. Small mice, pompoms, feathers, whatever your cat fancies and will not swallow can be a fun and safe option.
  • Play with your food - Cats are hunters and may enjoy searching for snacks hidden around the home. You can also find food dispensing toys that require kitties to problem-solve in order to get a treat.
  • Outside in - You can train your cat to walk on a leash, but it is not for every housecat. If you want your cat to interact more with the outdoors, set up a ledge near a window or place a birdfeeder outside for stimulation just out of reach.
Get your cat moving several times a day and rotate toys for better health and less boredom. If you would like more tips on keeping your cat active, call Hirsch Animal Hospital at 904-285-0023.