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Treating Sick Pets With Electrosurgery Procedures in Ponte Vedra Beach

Treating Sick Pets With Electrosurgery Procedures in Ponte Vedra Beach

If you are dealing with a sick pet, you are probably dealing with a lot of stress over what your next step will be. You care for your cat or dog and want the absolute best for it, but you might be unsure of which options are the best. Hirsch Animal Hospital offers several innovative treatment options for pets, including veterinary electrosurgery procedures. Such a treatment minimizes the invasive use of scalpels and instead uses a laser or other technology to make more precise, cleaner and safer incisions. The technology allows pet doctors to control the electrosurgery units (ESU) delivered to the pet and avoid potential side effects such as hemorrhaging that traditional surgery may risk. This makes our facility the obvious choice for pet care in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Benefits & Basics of Radiosurgery

Veterinary radiosurgery is another option for your dog or cat who needs surgery. Like electrosurgery, a tool other than a scalpel is utilized to make incisions and perform surgical maneuvers. In this case, radio signals are manipulated to perform the necessary procedure. Because radiosurgery utilizes a higher frequency than electrosurgical tools, some proponents argue that it is safer.

Innovative Surgery Options for Animals in the St. Johns & Nocatee Areas

When your pet needs surgery, it can be easy to get stressed out and worried, but the capable veterinary team at Hirsch Animal Hospital provides the most professional care available. In addition to veterinary electrosurgery, our facility provides an in-house vet lab for all of your pet’s diagnostic and testing needs. We serve clients in areas such as Nocatee, St. Johns and Ponte Vedra Beach. If you are ready to provide your pets with the care they deserve, you can call us at 904-285-0023 to set up an appointment.