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Stylishly Grooming Dogs in Ponte Vedra Beach

Stylishly Grooming Dogs in Ponte Vedra Beach

Dog grooming is one of the best ways to pamper Fido and make him look as great as he feels. Pet grooming can offer cats the royal treatment, too, and give them the refined look you want. At Hirsch Animal Hospital, every pet is matched with a professionally trained groomer who will apply treatments such as a haircut, shampoo, bathing and nail trim to thoroughly clean them and manicure their appearance. This is a great routine for animals who are involved in shows, preparing for pictures or simply wanting to look their best. Few other groomers in Ponte Vedra Beach offer the level of commitment and artistry we incorporate into our grooming efforts.

Keep Your Cats Clean & Healthy With Regular Grooming

Cat owners often overlook cat grooming, but it is actually a great treatment for a variety of issues. Although cats clean themselves, they are often unable to do so to the extent necessary for maintaining optimal health. Fur may still become matted, for example, and cats often cannot treat this themselves. Grooming your cat can address the following issues:

  • Hairballs
  • Fleas
  • Dandruff
  • Sharp, unkempt claws
  • Dirty fur

Each of these problems is caused or exacerbated by a lack of grooming. Grooming can turn a stinky kitty into a clean and happy one.

Pampering Pets in the St. Johns & Nocatee Areas

Cat and dog grooming are essential when it comes to keeping your pet’s coat healthy and looking great. At Hirsch Animal Hospital, we utilize only the best products and professional methods to provide grooming services for your pet. We serve clients in Nocatee, St. Johns and Ponte Vedra Beach. If you want your pet to look and feel great, you can trust us. Call 904-285-0023 to make an appointment for grooming services or a veterinarian checkup.